CCVMA Mission Statement

Mission: The Contra Costa Veterinary Medical Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of veterinary science, promotion of a fraternal feeling among its members, protection of the rights and privileges of veterinarians and the elevation of the standards of the profession. The members of the organization are licensed veterinarians practicing in Contra Costa County, as well as part of Alameda & Solano counties, all in the East Bay Region of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Anti-Trust Compliance:The CCVMA and its members abide by Federal and state antitrust laws, designed to promote competition by prohibiting certain restraints of trade. Price fixing for agreements among competitors concerning price, or any part of price such as discounts or credit terms, can result in criminal charges, imprisonment, and triple damages for offenders. Agreements about price do not have to be in writing. Oral agreements or "knowing winks" are enough to prove a violation. Competitors should never discuss their prices with one another. Otherwise, they may create the appearance of an agreement as to prices. Veterinarians are reminded they should not discuss their prices with their competitors in order to avoid running afoul of these antitrust laws.

Use of the Membership Directory: The membership directory produced by and for CCVMA members is for members' use only. Commercial use of this directory is strictly prohibited.